JSP 400 Job Shadowing Program

The job shadowing course, JSP 400, is designed to provide participants with an opportunity to experience actual business interactions with internal and external KP Stakeholders.  Often, participants explore all functions of KP to gain a thorough understanding of the anatomy of the organization by shadowing sales, delivery and operational functions.  Job shadowing opportunities will be limited to 2 participants per event for live sessions and recorded for asynchronous viewing allowing full access to all participants. 

Job shadowing opportunities are a unique learning experience where participants are immersed in an actual business meeting and allowed to participate as a “fly on the wall”.  Participants are provided with background on the meeting prior to the event to allow for advanced research on organizations, participants or resources. 

Participants are expected to take the minutes from the meeting and to write a 1 page description of their experience—things you learned, questions you may have or other insights you would like to share.