These courses are for onboarding new staff members and for continued professional development
KPA 401 KP Apprenticeship 2023

Welcome to your continued journey into the world of KP consulting.  Congratulations on your completion of the KP Onboarding.  We will take the next step by preparing you for the work that you will do here at Kinetic Potential as well as in your personal career.

APO 401 KP Apprenticeship Onboarding

In this course, you will learn how to use Agile methodologies and techniques to streamline project completion, providing transparency to the client, while creating a workflow that is scalable and repeatable across projects and companies. In addition, you will learn basic workforce skills that can apply to any industry, specifically addressed to remote working environments.  You will be introduced to real-world scenarios and provided an opportunity to practice those skills in a virtual classroom setting.

KPO Staff Orientation