These courses are for onboarding new staff members and for continued professional development
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Leading Remote Teams LRT101

This course trains new and experienced professionals on KP's Methodology for Career Advancement

About this course

This boot camp course will guide participants through KP's proprietary methodology for building your career one block at a time.  This course is often bundled with our occupational training courses to ensure all members of the KP community--whether new to the workforce or transitioning employers--present themselves as the strongest candidate for open opportunities. 

What you'll learn

  1. Planning for Success--It's Not Just Happenstance
  2. Building Your Gameplan-- What's Your Strategy?
  3. Executing Your Gameplan--Let's Play Ball!

Course Content

  • Length:

    4 Weeks

  • Effort:

    60 Total Hours = 12 hours of class time + 48 hours of independent study

  • Price:


  • Institution:

    Kinetic Potential University

  • Subject:

    Workforce Development 

  • Level: