CYB 400 Cybersecurity: Information Assurance I - Part I

Cybersecurity: Information Assurance I - Part I

This course trains new and experienced professionals on KP'sCybersecurity: Information Assurance I - Part I

This boot camp course is designed to prepare you for the CompTIA A+ certification exam (901/902). You will acquire the foundational knowledge, skills and abilities (KSAs) required to become an IT professional. We begin the course with a review of basic concepts of personal computers. Next you’ll learn about various internal hardware and storage components such as the motherboard, CPU, and hard drive. You’ll review various expansion technologies, including the different types of expansion cards, and learn how to work with peripheral devices such as the mouse, keyboard, and monitor. This course also discusses mobile devices, such as laptops and smartphones, and teaches you the fundamentals of networking and troubleshooting. You then move on to learning how to install, configure, and manage various Windows operating systems and learn how to utilize alternative operating systems, specifically Mac and Linux. You’ll learn about the role and uses of virtualization and cloud computing, before moving on to operating systems for mobile devices. On the topic of security, you’ll learn to recognize threats and utilize effective tools to prevent such dangers.